Friday, April 29, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday:

Characters I disliked Everyone Seemed To Love: 

Eleanor AND Park, were just a let down, and kind of boring. And It felt so unfinished

Rush, What a jerk! 

Maxon, what can I say. If he weren't a Prince I wouldn't date him either

Matt, a good guy sure. But he wasn't the person he'd built up. Adventurous or daring. He still rubbed me the wrong way. 

Ryan was controlling and chauvinistic. 

Jared was a legitimate stalker

Could a couple be more tragically dramatic

Characters I loved Everyone Seemed To dislike:  

I loved Ky, I loved this story of them. 

I thought Graham was so sweet. I was so happy when it worked out for them two. 

while I didn't love this story I thought Zach was seriously underrated. He got put in the friend zone fast and I wasn't sure if he'd make it out or not. 

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