Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Every "Teen Feminist" Should Read

I love a book with a good strong female protagonist. A she-ro! I love a girl/ woman who can own it, have confidence, and competence and sometimes saves the day without a mans help. She's inspiring and deserves acknowledgement. I love Girl Magic.

10 Books Every teen feminist should read.  

1. Graceling: Katsa was such an amazing unique character. Isolated for her strength she grew up feared instead of loved by those around her, therefore she never truly seeked their approval like so many girls do. Her abilities and intelligence gave her a confidence that truly shined in her personality. I strive to stick to my guns and take no mess the way Katsa did. 

2. Legend: I absolutely loved June. She wasn't very warm or sweet, but she was well balanced and logical. She loved fiercely and had such a good heart. Loyal to her country, to her friends, and selfless. 

3. Fairest: Call this a cautionary tale, but the realities of how deeply Queen Levana worried about her looks is a real concern for a sector of the youth today. She also had an entitlement, to the country, to power, to the crown that was never actually her. Cautionary tale indeed. 

4. Eleanor and Park: This isn't a fantasy story, but I felt her everyday insecurities would resonate with any feminist. She definitely was not a feminist, but she needed to learn girl magic and love herself more, a lesson girls can never learn enough


5. Panic: It's been a while since I read this book, but I remember it really moving me. I really respected Heather by the time I finished. It also wasn't fantasy, but it was amazingly cool. In this small desolate isolated town. It felt kind of removed from society with its own brand of characters each with an impossible task to achieve. She was responsible, resilient she never gave up. She wasn't blinded by love and had no one to fall onto. It was a simplicity that still captured me. 

6. Enclave: I'm not sure Deuce was ever even taught the typical gender roles. The place that she lived couldn't be more isolated deep under ground, with only survival on the mind. It gave her a unique outlook on situations, a maturity and a realism fighting with zombie like creatures. She was a leader, a humble person who just wanted to be safe. 

7. Succubus Blues: Georgina truly owned her sexuality. She may have had the typical girl romantic woes but she was never intimidated by a man, lived for a man, or waited on a man. 

8. Under the Never Sky: Aria was naive but learned quickly. Throughout her transformation, she proved to be well balanced, independent, a leader and loyal beyond a doubt. She learned to use her strengths to her advantage, showed bravery in her effort to pretty much save the world. 

9. Vampire Academy: Rose truly embodied a she-ro. She protected Lissa, was fiercely loyal, never gave up. She was emotional and dramatic and such a fire cracker! I will always respect the way she behaved, showing those great characteristics throughout the series. 

10. Divergent: Tris seems to have some over exposure now with the new movie Allegiant out, but I can't undermine how amazing she was throughout the Divergent Series. She has such an independent view. fought for what she believed in, loved her friends and family dearly all the way to the end. 

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  1. I love your topic! Under the Never Sky is one of the books on my TBR that I'm most excited for! Great list!

    My TTT :)

    1. you've got to read it, it's one of my favorite

  2. This is an awesome topic, and great suggestions because I am a forever YA reader!!
    Tori @InToriLex

  3. Love feminist books!! Great topic... I haven't read any of the books on your list this week.

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week: http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2016/04/top-ten-tuesday-ten-books-every-russian.html

  4. Great topic!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/12/top-ten-tuesday-52/

  5. I really didn't read as much feminist literature when I was a teenager as I do now. It's a shame, because I'm sure there were things out there that I just didn't know of. Divergent is a great choice!

    My TTT: http://brownbooksandgreentea.com/2016/04/12/clearing-the-shelf-for-arc-april/

  6. I recently bought an inexpensive copy of Marie Lu's series and am VERY curious. Sounds like a unique series I could like. :)

    Thanks so much for the recent visit to Finding Wonderland, Hope. Welcome to the world of blogging. :)