Friday, April 15, 2016

I absolutely loved The Winners Series. I laughed, I cried, I was completely captivated with this book. I couldn't put it down.

Of course, it wasn't perfect, or I would change a thing or two if I could. So I've created a Discussion page for it. I've started with a few questions. Feel Free to add your own questions and I'll answer them. 

1. Was Kestral justified in her anger towards Arin, even though she didn't remember him? 
                  I don't think so. Yes, she was in a difficult situation and there was no easy solution. But it wasn't Arin's fault. Sometimes she forgot he had feelings too. 

2. Should Arin have killed Kestral's father?
                I sat there, reading this part over and over and couldn't pick an answer. Everything in me screamed yes! He was awful. Sending her to that camp as punishment *shivers* was super low. He definitely didn't love her like a father should, because the daughter he once had was officially gone. Ruined. And he didn't even pretend to care. But wouldn't her revenge be equally as low. 
I was slightly annoyed at this part. So many soldiers died, in an explosion, or by arrow, or one of the guns. Some injury they couldn't come back from. And yet they had a choice for him. He should've died in an explosion too! 

3. Was Roshar secretly in love with Arin?
                  It was never plainly said. And I hate to soil a good friendship with a messy romance. Obviously Arin would not be interested in Roshar, But Roshar really loved Arin. Maybe his loyalty spurred from the guilt of his sister. But Roshar was overly nice, sacrificing so much in the war to help Arin. He convinced his sister as well, even when she pressured him to take the city from Arin. He was very protective of Arin's heart as far as Queen Inisha and Kestral. Just made me say hmmmm. 

4. Would Kestral's life had been easier if she hadn't told so many lies?
                   Kestral weaved a dangerous web of delicate lies from the first book. Only digging herself in a hole deeper and deeper. There was a point in The Winners Kiss in which she regretted her lies. Also a part in which Arin regretted making her life so hard. I don't think so. The only reason she agreed to marry Verex was to keep up a false pretense of loyalty to Valoria and hate for Arin. Without that, if she'd told her father how she felt before the Herrani attacked the Valorians I simply can't imagine what he would've done. Sent her off to the prison then?  Forbid her and put her on house arrest? War was inevitable, it was bigger than Kestral and Arin's relationship. Everything was going to be impossibly difficult regardless of her lies. 

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