Monday, April 18, 2016

Man Crush Monday: Lucas from Easy/ Breakable

Today's feature for Man Crush Monday is Lucas from Easy and Breakable. 

He had this quality that was hard to identify, but grabbed onto my heart and made him an unforgettable "book boyfriend".

7 reasons I loved him and would without a doubt date him, if he were real, and I was 19 and had never met my husband.

-Physically appealing with those tattoes and piercings

-He was undoubtedly smart and on a path to do great things
-He was quiet and mysterious.

-He could fight! Being tough is one thing but having a black belt is impressive.

-Unconditionally supportive

- Secretly vulnerable, which we learned in Breakable which made him even more appealing

-He never played games. Even when he tried to be "the bad boy phase" he still took everything seriously. 

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