Thursday, April 21, 2016

Book Review: Allegiant

I just finished reading Allegiant,
and to be honest... I am speechless.
This probably wont be a very sophisticated or well organized review because I am still emotional. And this review will not, I repeat WILL NOT be SPOILER FREE. Spoiler free reviews are stifling and restricting, and I want talk about every detail from this book.
The problem?
I can only remember one detail.

No, this did not ruin the entire book nor series for me.
But I couldn't believe Veronica did that! Really?!? Why? It did not have to be. Not this time.
Tris put herself in dangerous near death situations repeatedly.
So Tris dying shouldn't have been shocking. It should have been a relief actually.
Some resemblance to reality. You can only cheat death so many times.
But I guess I just had a much better plan for them in which nobody had to die.
Tris, Caleb, and the rest of them were focused on the explosives and death serum.
Did they not consider the truth serum?
David trusted Tris. She could have asked to meet with him, jammed the truth serum in his neck. Wouldn't have been hard at all, she's dauntless and he's in a wheel chair.
Get the code for the weapons lab. He wouldn't have been in there to shoot her.
I'm just saying, Tris made it past the death serum to be shot by a man in a wheel chair that won't even remember. She's done much more death defying stunts.
I guess their were other factors to the book too.
Like that her mom actually came from the fringe, or Uriah dying as well. Very sad since Marlene, Lynn, and Will died. and both her parents. (and somehow Marcus lives) But it is war I suppose.
And there is the one thing that did annoy about this series.
As I tried to explain this book to my husband, it got so confusing because there was a "revolution" or "uprising" or reason for way too many people to die in each book. Power kept shifting from one bad person to another.
First the Erudite, then the factionless, then the Bureau, and the GD's feeling unjustified.
And I can't see how this will transpire to a movie...

So now I am off to read something happy and sweet.

Tell me
How did you feel about Tris dying?

Did this book remind you too much of other dystopian novels?
If so, which book do you think was best?

Have any questions you are dying to ask or points you would like to discuss?

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  1. I was SO emotional at the end of Allegiant. I read it on my way to class a couple years ago, and just sat there looking miserable for the whole 2.5 hours. I don't know if I remember much else, either.