Monday, April 25, 2016

Man Crush Monday: Warner

My Man Crush Monday is Warner from the Shatter Me Series.

Warner was an amazing character with or without a love story. He was a complicated puzzle that was very much worth working through. Understanding him, how and why he did the things he did was the most satisfying part of the whole book. In my opinion Warner gave this series the positive reputation it has.

5 things I loved about Warner

1. So intense, always. He wasn't one for silly or jokes or immaturity at all. In comparison, she acted like a 5 year old with her band of equally childish misfits.

2. So vulnerable, as much as he tried to hide it, Warner was pretty breakable. He was strong, but he cared so much.

3. So complicated, He was hard to get to know and even harder to understand but when you do it explains his intensity and his vulnerability.

4. His love was fierce for Juliette and that alone made him more desirable.

5. He had this subtle way of slipping between my previous opinion of him, garnering my sympathy and joining his team rooting for him and his goals. 

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