About Me

For Me
It's all about the words on the page
still reading YA at 26
because I refuse to age
Even as my kids take up most of my days
I can squeeze in a few chapters
It's books that I crave

I get so excited and inspired
I feel so divine
Like I can save the world
With just a few lines
Being a write keeps creeping
Into my mind
But I get lost in a book
Every single time

A few more things about me
you might like to know
I love watching cooking shows
I sing out loud like I've got a musical flow
(which I don't)
And I like to stay "on the go"

When in doubt
show me something funny or show me something sweet
the meme's, the gifs, the silly tweets
I truly believe Love is all we need
It's in all the books I read
Emotionally charged adventures and paranormal fantasies
And one little secret, no one knows about me
An author is who I truly
Desire to be


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here's my post: http://paperbackdarling.weebly.com/blog/the-liebster-award


  2. Hello,

    Sorry to contact you completely out of the blue…I’m an author called Bernice Bloom and I write light-hearted women’s fiction with strong female characters and lots of humour. My latest heroine is Mary Brown who is gorgeous, funny, crazy and very likable…she’s also about 10 stone overweight.

    There are so few overweight characters in fiction (are there any? It seems that women can be drug addicts, murders and abusers and still be heroic, but fat? Oh no!)

    Mary is very cool and though she’s keen to lose weight, her life as an overweight person is very fulfilled and joyful.

    Would you be interesting in reviewing any of the books? They are mini books, so only around 25k words each, and there are a handful of them with different themes, with more coming all the time.

    This is the link to my books on Amazon:


    Let me know whether you'd like me to send you a word document copy of the first book (Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl).

    Thank you so much.

    Bernie xx