About Me

For Me
It's all about the words on the page
still reading YA at 26
because I refuse to age
Even as my kids take up most of my days
I can squeeze in a few chapters
It's books that I crave

I get so excited and inspired
I feel so divine
Like I can save the world
With just a few lines
Being a write keeps creeping
Into my mind
But I get lost in a book
Every single time

A few more things about me
you might like to know
I love watching cooking shows
I sing out loud like I've got a musical flow
(which I don't)
And I like to stay "on the go"

When in doubt
show me something funny or show me something sweet
the meme's, the gifs, the silly tweets
I truly believe Love is all we need
It's in all the books I read
Emotionally charged adventures and paranormal fantasies
And one little secret, no one knows about me
An author is who I truly
Desire to be

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