Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Names

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl 

Names, such an important element to the novel. Connecting with the characters, feeling like I know them is one of my favorite elements to reading, so the names feel so close to my heart, when I LOVE THEM!
Bare with me,I can barely remember a lot of the names I've read over the years. Comment below with the obvious choices I've forgotten.

Science Fiction books have a lot of really cool unique names to me. Cyra and

 Fire was an amazing character with an amazing spirit. Her name fit her perfectly.

Winter isn't a new name, but I think it's still unique and I'm very happy with the person carrying this name.

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June is just an awesome character. Her name is well balanced as her personality. Classy, straight forward.

Jessica Sorensen always has these characters you connect with emotionally. And their names are unique and quirky and I love them. Nova( Named for the Car) and Quinton. Ella and Micha, Violet and Luke, Lyric and Ayden.
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Fantasy, like science fiction as the best names. I loved Karou and Akos.

I love the story behind how they got their names in this book. Fade and Deuce.

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I mean this book could do no wrong, read it a few times, so I definitely love the characters names. I say them with reverence. Aria is close to my daughters name, Zaria. And Perry, named for the Peregrine Falcon. OMG I love them

Before Divergent had gotten so over hyped, I'd originally liked the names Tris and Four And the story behind their names.

I didn't love this book, not enough romance, but I remember liking his name. Darrow. It stood out and stuck with me.

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