Friday, May 13, 2016

Why is it so hard to love our heroines

 I'm as pro-woman as the next person. At least this is what I tell myself. But too often I pick up a novel and think the heroine is simply OK. The male love interest though, who we affectionately refer to as the book boyfriend, is always undoubtedly amazing. So I ask myself, and fellow readers, especially of YA/ NA fiction, why is it so hard to love the heroine?

I read an article one in which it was categorized the "types" we don't. Such as dumb, bratty, too independent or too dependent. I know I personally can be bratty, bitchy, whiny, sensitive and still handle every responsibility expected of me. (If you know the responsibilities a mother has, you know we are super heroes)

We know these heroines are under a pressure we've never even considered, trying to save the world and all. And yet we judge them for whining about it, or not having the physical strength of a man or trained black belt in karate. We judge them for having romantic feelings in the middle of a crisis. If I really thought I'd die tomorrow while completing some dangerous mission, I am definitely telling the man I love exactly how I feel and enjoying my possibly last night with him to the fullest.

And God forbid a character to make a silly, naive, or careless mistake. Believing and trusting the wrong person. Maybe we're holding our heroines on a pedestal that is too high. Our expectations are too high. Sometimes I feel judgmental for disliking a heroine for having a feeling I would certainly have. Doesn't she know she's ruining my fantasy?

Let's look at who did it right and who could have done it better,

Strong- fighting, strategic mind, unwilling to bend

Confident- except about her looks because then she's just bitchy

Love Triangle- I LOVE reading them but it always results in me disliking the main character.

Perfect- Smart, clever, witty   

This is just off the top of my mind, my favorites who seem to embody them all without going over the top Tris (divergent) Aria (Under the Never Sky) June (Legend)

who could have done it better (Shatter me) so wishy washy, (Taking Chances) total cheater, (Beautiful Disaster) also wishy washy.

Share with me a few of your favorite heroines and least favorite. 

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