Friday, May 6, 2016

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My favorite Genres are Young Adult, New Adult and occasionally Fantasy. There are so many books to read I feel like I've read a small equal handful of each. dystopian, paranormal romance, fantasy, as well as contemporary and New Adult Romances are my favorites. I'm swept away by the sweet love story, the tone of the characters, and the way my heart always reaches out to them. I want to protect these naive and young YA characters while also laughing at their mishaps and cheering them through facing their fears. 

However, I've greatly enjoyed a couple of graphic novels, memoirs, and a great deal of urban fiction. So I like to consider myself generally open to any genre. I've just gotten sucked into YA. 

The bottom line is, Please have a super good love story in there somewhere. Not as an after thought, or insta- love. A heart wrenching one mixed into the plot.

Week Question: Why Did You Start Your Blog

I started my blog because I wanted a place to share the books I loved. A place to talk about them and fangirl openly. I don't have many friends that like to read. And when I stumbled upon the blogging community it looked like so much fun. Only I under estimated how much work is put into a blog more than just writing some reviews. But I'm learning some new things which is fun and I am enjoying it. 

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  1. My favorite genre is YA Fantasy! I've very picky with contemporary, historical fiction, and all other genre. I do enjoy a well-written Dystopian though! ^_^

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  2. Super good love story...yes! Great post! New follower via GFC! :0)
    My Feature & Follow post

  3. Ohh great answers I love reading different genres as well and I absolutely love branching out on some genres. Because there are sometimes you find hidden gems in books that you thought we never read that certain genre. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. New follower on Google+, GFC, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  4. I used to read a lot of YA from age 15 to 17, but I switched to non-fiction after that. Then I recently made friends with this cool girl named Mel (she's the blogger behind Paperback Darling, I saw your comment on one of her posts and that is how I found your blog!) who looooves contemporary, dystopian and romance... So much that I *had* to start reading these genres again. When someone has enthusiasm for a particular subject, it never fails to intrigue me. I love how your blog looks by the way, it's so cute! New follower via FB (Catherine Laurie) and Instagram... :)