Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Feels Different Over Time

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When I'd read Shatter Me I was completely enthralled. I absolutely loved it. The most amazing love story. Underdog over comes. But the more and more I looked back at it, it was so unfinished. She maybe completed one battle. It took her 3 books to learn some pretty basic lessons. And Warner had messed up pretty big. It was no small thing. Just because he was nice to Juliette he was also cruel at times. If I can forget those things, I love it again,

The Hype around this book coupled with the fact that each new book I liked less and less. I also like Gale more than Peeta, so I was done by the end. And weeks later, I'd forgotten how enthralled I was with the first one to begin with.

When all I do is read for the words on the page I absolutely love Divergent. I must have read it 4 times. Like Hunger Games, I liked the second one less than the first and and the 3rd one even less than the first two. I can't even bring myself to go see the movie. The more I think about the plot, the experiment, the actions people took I felt it got less and less clever.

 The stinking movie ruined this for me too. I also couldn't finish the Bloodline series. So many of the characters from Vampire Academy were in Bloodlines and they got soured for me. Maybe I need to read it again to remember why I'd been so obsessed.

I had no idea what I was going into with slammed. I only knew it was extremely loved. I understand why. This book pulls emotions from you. And as I look back, it was a bit too emotional. And I had no respect for that teacher student relationship. Just too many characters died in an emotional dramatic way. I think the statistics work against this. Either way, I don't want that sadness in my real world or my fictional one. Still love Colleen Hoover though.

This book, series felt blase, bland, ok when I'd first read it. Poor Boy rich girl story. But underneath it was serious issues. Her disabled sister, his eagerness to get out of the life he was in. It might have been cliche but it resonated with me. It touched my heart in a real life way. And each of the follow up stories. And I think about it often.

I actually stumbled upon The Fault In Our Stars before I'd heard everyone loving it so much. A lot of attention had been around Looking For Alaska. But I loved this one so much more. Even after it became a movie. Every time I flipped through this book I'm reminded of how perfect Augustus was. How beautifully it was written. How despite the heart break, I felt warm tingly and full filled. It survived the chopping block of the TV producers. I hadn't expected to love this sad story this much.

I sort of hated Kiera, but this remains a top book in my list of romances. It was addictive. Kellan was perfect. I can re-read it over and over and hate Kiera all I want while still enjoying her story.

In many ways this is your average teenage love story. But something about it relates. Her awkward and shy times. Her confusion where friendships and relationships cross. The voice we can each find within ourselves. The mistakes and forgiveness. I found myself comparing this to others, and turning back to it for a chapter here or a chapter there.

I have this way with Jessica Sorensen. I've probably read more of her books than anyone other author. And I love every second of it. And I get caught up in the whirlwind of the series, the supporting characters stories. It can really go on and on and I have to force myself to break from her. There was no such break where this series was concerned. Every time I finished, I wanted to read it again. Each book was short, sweet, emotional, uplifting, and sucked you in in a different way. I didn't think it was that deep, that worthy of my love. But after the fourth week of still reading and browsing again through this book, its simplicity was very worth it.

I'd never heard of this book before picking it up, then I immediately fell in love with it. When it was over, I began comparing it to everything else and very little can beat it. It keeps coming out on top.

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  1. The Fault in Our Stars! I totally agree with you. I ended up buying this book when it first came out and it was just overall such a beautiful book. So many laughs and tears. I actually really enjoyed the movie too. I was so worried it would ruin the book for me. Did you like the movie?