Friday, May 20, 2016

5 completely unrealistic characteristics we love in our heroes

Handsome but humble. They aren't ever supposed to try. They never show them shopping for those simple clothes that still fit them well, or getting a haircut, or exercising to keep that amazing body.

Smart but not a know it all. As a feminist I love a strong female character. And nothing compliments her better than a strong capable hero. He might need to save the day which he can't do if he can't formulate a decent plan. But if he's a little annoying know it all I'm tempted to smack him.

Sweet but not a pushover. He HAS to be sweet. At least to her.   He has to. It's the most important rule. But if he act soft she'll friend zone him, she'll cheat, she ends up pushing him around  (and they break up momentarily)

That comfortable feeling but not too comfortable. When he can make her feel understood, and comfortable enough to share all her secrets. But not so comfortable she sees him as a friend or is confused about his intentions.

Mysterious but approachable. A quiet guy (my favorite) or one with a secret is so much more interesting than a straightforward “put it all out there” guy. Girls enjoy the chase just a little too. Not me, but it's entertaining to read. And it's like you won a prize when the two start to trust each other.  

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