Saturday, May 6, 2017

Before I Fall

I”m somewhere you can’t find me
Don’t remind me
Dont bring me back to reality
I’m in my zone, Don’t mind me
Even if I’m crying, Lie to Me
I’m trying, to walk this fine line
Between living and dying

And then it all fades away
I’m just his phase today
Watching everything I do and say
Before I fall into an endless cycle of grey
I’m so lost and so afraid
Tripping over every step along the way
And I begged him. I begged him to stay
And I looked to God, They told me to Pray
And Maybe. Maybe that wasn’t enough
Maybe I’m digging and I can’t find up

And the direction is plaguing
Maybe I need saving
And through the dark
Through the grey
Through blinding light
I can see a way
Through the haze
The bliss and the pain
The shame

And again I’m falling
But my feet refuse to touch the ground
I refuse to come down
I’m being carried, not buried
Not dragged around
I’m being pushed I’m being pulled
I’m screaming with no sound

I’m failing

I see her, who I want to be
I saw her dreams
Her destiny
But she left me
She went where no one can see
What’s left of me
Keeps getting the best of me
Weighing on me heavily

And I’m hiding
Where no one can find me
When can I be my kind of me?
His love binds me, blinds me
Ruins me and finds me
And I’m shying, and crying and flying
Don’t mind me

They say I’m too sensitive
And too small
I’m too blunt
With too big of balls,
I’m misunderstood, Thats what it’s called
Well Fuck it all,
Im all tall,
I’m wild I’m free
I fall

Just the lies we tell them all
The lies we accept
The lies we expect
The truth left neglected
Festered and infected
Grew bigger when we left it
No more helping it

Until I can’t remember it
I’m no longer feeling it
I don’t want to deal with it
Put a book in front of my face
Because I don’t want to hear it
When the same old blow is still deliviring
My soul is still trembling
I can no longer tell what’s real
What I see, what I hear
How I feel
And I’m falling
Or flying
And I just want to chill
Find the divine light and the power to heal

And I give in
To the creativity within
My fingers touch the pen

Now, Let’s begin


  1. Wow, this is so good! Thank you for sharing :)

    New GFC follower :)

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  2. I love it. I could totally hear this being a song too.