Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TTT: What I'd Like To See More

I love to escape into a good book. One that is deliciously addictive and hard to put down. I don't care how corny it is, unbelievable, over used, or predictable. If the feelings of the words draw me in and hold me tight, I am sold!

 Common Tropes found in YA I can't get enough of. 

1) Happily Ever Afters: There can never be too many happily ever afters. Really. My favorite characters don't have to die. 
Examples include but not limited to: The Fault In Our Stars, Allegiant, Me Before You. 
They could have LIVED!!! 

2) Love Stories: Really, it's okay to focus the main part of your story on love. It's my favorite part to read. Falling in love over and over along with the Main Character. 

3) Love Triangle: Oh the intense angst and suspense! Especially when it's a complicated messy situation. 
Examples Include but not limited to: From Ashes, Unravel Me, 

4) Angels: I love books about angels. They are always Bad Assed! 
Examples include but are not limited to: Hush, Hush Daughter of Smoke and Bone, City of Bones. 

5) Dystopian: This subcategory has taken over in a repetitive way if I have to be honest. But I always find it an interesting story line. A new world, and new world order built from scratch. There is so much room for creativity here. It feels like sci-fi, fantasy, and drama all wrapped up in one. They secretly try to subtly address major issues within our world. 

6) The Female Heroine: YESSSS!!! I am all here for the strong female lead. 

7) The dysfunctional Family: We've all got problems, and so many of us don't have a perfect family. Extremely relate-able making it one of my favorite. 
Examples Include but not limited to: Anything by Simone Elkeles, Jessica Sorensen, Katie McGarry

8) Fairytale Retellings: I've only read Cinder. I loved the subtle way it resembled Cinderalla, and I'd love to check out more. Dorothy Must Die is on my list. 

9) New Adult: This break-off of YA that hasn't quite caught up with Romance, (the fabio covered kind) Romance for the college aged, for the millenial. 

Share your TTT with me! 

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  1. I can NEVER get enough HEA's either. Love them so much. Fairytales!? Yes, please! We'll take all of these. Love stories too are my favorite so long as they include that Happy Ending. :)