Friday, May 18, 2018

10 Books That Should Have Stayed Books

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Movie vs. Book.
Depends on who you ask. 
9 times out of 10 I will choose book easy! 
I can't love a book and it's movie adaption equally. It's physically impossible. 
But I like to be petty, and go watch the movies just to judge it. 

The story is a good solid story. Maybe it's the directors to blame or the production team or maybe someone didn't put enough money into the film. Maybe they added a bunch of unnecessary scenes while removing the ones that we loved so much it was approved in the first place. Hmmm? 

Or maybe some books are better left as books. The scenes were meant for the imagination of your mind rather than on screen. 

1. Vampire Academy
2. Beautiful Creatures
3. Everything Everything
4. 50 Shades of Grey
5. Before I Fall
6. Divergent
7. Me Before You
8. Fallen
9. City of Bones
10. The Host


  1. I'm a bit of a freak in that I enjoyed the City of Bones movie, lol. However, I'm glad they 'scrapped' the movies and switched to TV instead.

    I'm right there with you on not liking the VA movie... What did they do?! *cries*

    Me Before You, I liked. I haven't read the book - don't want to - but I thought the movie was beautiful.

    The others - except from 50 shades - I haven't had the "pleasure". :)

    1. City of bones the show is good. I binged a season but didn't get around to any more seasons. Thanks for stopping by

  2. So I've read about half of the books on your list, but only seen 50 Shades of Grey so far (and I wasn't super impressed with the books, so I wasn't super disappointed by the movies). You would think producers would try harder to stay true to the book though, wouldn't you?

    Have a great weekend. - Katie

    1. Ya know I don't think it's ever a producer's goal to stay true to a book script. I think they have some other goal entirely in mind. Which really makes no sense since we're the ones who'll go see it. Thanks for stopping by Katie

  3. I have yet to watch The Host, but I think you nailed it on the head...there is absolutely no way any movie can do it's book counterparts ANY justice, as books are just so much better.

    I did like Vampire Academy, but I suppose I was in the minority as that was the first and last that we got of that series in movie format LOL.

    Angelica @ Paperback Princess

    1. Vampire academy wasn't an awful movie, if I'd never read the book. And it being the only visual to the book does make it more appealing. But I think they made such a joke of it. And those last books made me cry and feel all emotional. I guess I wanted Harry Potter status production.

      Thanks for stopping by

  4. Like I said in my post (thanks for commenting/reading my post by the way!!) I am easily entertained. I loved the Vampire Academy and City of Bones movies!

    1. That is good to be easily entertained. I know how you feel, some of my favorite shows from tv seem to have awful ratings and reviews which is why I read reviews after watching movie or reading book. Thanks for stopping by

  5. Yeah, I have one same answer with you: Me Before You.

    I've watched and liked Before I Fall but did not read the book, so I trust you that the book is better.

    1. I think Me before you was too hyped up in the media for me. The book nor the movie were one of my favorites. I need a Happily ever after. Thanks for stopping by

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  7. Nice answer! I definitely think it's a good point that sometimes we're just meant to be able to experience scenes in our own minds and we'll never really be happy with the portrayal of them on the big screen.

    I think a lot of the time adaptations are done 'badly' due to the fact that there's occasionally TOO much money put into the films. A lot of the time, producers and writers want to base a film off a book but completely end up changing it so that it appeals to a larger audience and they make more money.

    For my own answer, I actually choose 'The Mortal Instruments' film adaptation too. It was a shame because I really enjoyed the series (and still do). Whilst I can watch the film and enjoy it when I separate it from the book, I think the book series is better portrayed throughout 'Shadowhunters', even though there are issues with that as well.

    Feel free to check out my own answer if you wish!

    - Charlotte (InkBlottings)