Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Throwback Edition

This weeks edition of Top Ten Tuesday will feature our favorite Throwbacks!

I started my first blog about 5 years ago. Man do I wish I'd kept up with it and put forth this much effort then.
I've always enjoyed reading. I do remember exactly where it started. A friend suggested I read True to The Game. Which is a new movie by the way. All you "Support Diversity" shouters should go see it. Moving on, True To The Game was full of action, sex, cursing, killing, and pretty much everything my parents would never let me watch. In extreme detail. I was about 12. And, yep, I've never looked back.
When I went to college I slowed down and pretty much stopped. I didn't really pick it back up for a few years.

1. 50 shades of Grey: This is one of those guilty pleasure books. I never hated it, even though some love to hate! If you didn't like it, just leave it at that. I will admit. While I enjoyed it, I didn't think it was that innovative as far as the BDSM aspect. I've read it doesn't depict the community accurately to which is probably true. But it was such a fun, addictive, entertaining read!

2. Hunger Games: This was my very first dystopia novel. It was still new and unique and interesting. After reading dystopia for years now, it feels like Hunger Games simply followed a formula. I loved the first book. But the excitement didn't last throughout the series.

3. Divergent: Of course, after reading Hunger Games, Divergent was literally SHOVED down your throats. It was easy as hell to digest too! I thought it was a better version of Hunger Games. However, I liked books 2 and 3 even less than Hunger Games 2 and 3. I had higher hopes for Divergent.

4. Vampire Academy: I did NOT read Twilight. Therefore I thought I'd hate Vampire Academy. But I really loved this 6 book series. I read every single one, attached to the page.

5. Slammed: This was Colleen Hoover's first book, and I devoured it pretty quickly. Unprepared, it really grabs a hold of your heart. Looking back, it's one of my least favorite. I don't appreciate books that pile on the sad stuff (death usually) so high you're pretty much a jerk for not crying. But at the time, oh my god!

6. City of Bones: Here is another book that grabbed my heart without my permission. I really wanted to quit this monstrously long series, but I HAD to know how it ended. Around this time in my reading career I'm learning a new love for fantasy and paranormal.

7. The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden: This is my type of emotional book. No one died! Gosh! But if you think I didn't cry! I still cry thinking about this author and all the emotionally driven books she's published.

8. Thoughtless: I will never not be a sucker for a good romance. It doesn't matter if it's in paranormal, dystopia, ya, na, contemporary, fantasy. I good Love Triangle works for me every time. Even if I seriously dislike a few characters.

9. The Fault In Our Stars: I was so happy to have read this before the hype. I don't even remember when or where I got it. I just spontaneously got it, read it, cried everywhere! And then noticed its popularity. To which I couldn't deny if I wanted to.

10. Beautiful Disaster: Another guilty pleasure. For fans of 50 shades, because each relationship was so damn toxic. But a fun rollercoaster read.

What are some of your most memorable throwbacks?


  1. Okay, so we've been blogging for a while :) I loved City of Bones, TFIOS, VA, HG. I haven't read the rest, bu own a few of them. You obviously have great taste :)

  2. Some great titles on your list! I am also one of the few who didn't hate 50 Shades... I didn't love it, and I found a lot of issues with the writing, but I didn't loathe it like others seemed too.

    You can check out my Top Ten Books Published 10 Years Ago HERE

  3. The Hunger Games I loved too, but I have read dystopias I've enjoyed more since! Divergent was pretty disappointing in the end.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/12/top-ten-tuesday-124/

  4. I really enjoyed Divergent too, although I know it gets a lot of flack. Like you, I liked it better than the second two books that followed. I also really liked The Fault in Our Stars. Thank you for sharing! It's been fun looking back at our early favorites.

  5. A Cassandra Clare book made my list this week, too. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me