Friday, September 15, 2017

BookBlogger Hop

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This weeks question is

Have you ever bought a second copy of a book for the prettier cover?

Honestly, no. I like the story itself more than the paper copy of it. My favorite is trolling Goodwill and any second hand book store which never has nice covers. I like loved on books, with rips and stains. The reader took it everywhere with them, or read it multiple times.

The best I've done is buy a book the day it came out, hard back copy, maybe even got it signed. The original covers are usually my favorite.

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  1. I also don't do the second copy thing! Seems wasteful to me (gasp). I mostly just have e-books, and I seriously have better places to put that money than buying a second copy of something I already have :) I can't say I can understand people who do buy second copies... maybe they're just better off and can spare the money :D