Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I could have Lunch with

Lara Jean was the first person I thought of when thinking about Foodie Character. She was a baking extradanaire. Really, she should open her own bakery and catering company because her style and design is amazing as well. Thanks for the recipe book that was featured at the end of the book. 

If only Hermoine and I could stroll into the great hall, arm in arm stuffing our faces with the smorgasbord laid before us. The best laid buffet I could ever imagine. 

Jonah was such a good cook. Humble but passionate about it. About his fathers restaurant. I wish I could be at Vivi's birthday party. 

I had to google her name again, Nastya, was also a great baker. I love how she found baking therapeutic. And always smelled like vanilla. I'd taste test any of her cookies. 

The spread laid out for Queen Levana was so impressive I definitely would have dragged Cinder to eat at least one plate. 

Everything about the Night Circus was magical, especially the food. I was so impressed and then a little disappointed I wouldn't be able to taste it. 

The dystopian books have such a divide between it's people so often it's either scavenging for food or a lavish spread with so much food it makes your stomach hurt. I'd definitely help Katniss ravish the table. 

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