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Synopsis From Goodreads: 
I wanted to love Caraval. It was full of whimsical magic, action, love. What was there not to like? Let me tell you. I wouldn’t say I disliked Caraval at all. I quite enjoyed it. However, it wasn’t the epitome of YA magical love story for me.

Scarlett is your average 18 year old, sheltered by her abusive father, afraid to be strong. She’d rather hide behind an arranged marriage. Until she is sucked into a game, a magical game. As much as it is “against her will” she definitely wants to. Like when your best friends makes you drink too much and act up. You end up with a hangover the next day, but you have no regrets. That is Scarlett and her sister Donnatella.

Scarlett ends up with a boy, Julian, who both helps and hurts her along the way.
I always feel a bit guilty, or put on the spot by saying I only, barely, liked a book many of my favorite blogs raved about! So I know I’m going against the grain here in saying, I enjoyed The Night Circus a lot more.

Trope: Abusive parent- The Night Circus was equally as guilty of this. The one parent present being the actual villain. Not just annoying, negative, misunderstood, selfish. No, Caraval went all out. Their father is beyond hateworthy!  And I was very satisfied with how the story wrapped him up.

Trope: Damsel in Distress- Scarlett wanted so badly to be the Damsel. First she held out hope that her fianc√© would be her savior from her big bad father. I doubt her father would have readily agreed on anyone who made her happy or was genuinely good. I was quite happy when she had to find a way to save herself.  

Trope: The crazy best friend/sister- This story should have focused on Donnatella. She was far more interesting of a character, self reliant, independent, creative, underestimated. Scarlett barely respected her, as the outgoing, bold, bodacious friend often goes. Because she speaks her mind, and didn’t take their abuse lying down, Scarlett thought less of her. Thought her reckless and stupid really.

Trope: Terrible love interest- Julian was pretty. But he was awful. I get it. He did good too. To Make up for his bad! He disappeared on her regularly. He continued to say “I don’t care, I’m not that nice, I’m a liar” When she proceeded to say, then go away he got so hurt and offended.

I don’t even hate tropes. This book was just surprisingly easy to put down. I did want to find out how it ended but I probably wouldn’t read it again. 3/5 stars    

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