Tuesday, September 27, 2016

All The Bright Places

I wanted to LOVE this book. I truly did. I'd met the author at BookFest at USC this year, and she was so nice. I hadn't been able to buy the book that day, but it was always in the back of my mind. When I'm ready for an emotional teenage read, I'd pick it up. It helps that on this late night Saturday, I had a gift card and a whole Sunday for reading. Admittedly
, I was in a bad mood. I was really hoping this book would sweep me away to these teenagers life. Make me forget my own for a bit.

As I mentioned, bad mood. Low patience. I did not have the patience for this book. I'm sorry. I've gone through the reviews on Goodreads, and everyone else LOVES IT. So I'll stand alone in this DNF. I just couldn't. I couldn't care about these characters. Obviously Finch needed a lot more therapy and that no one could see that sucked. As well as Violet. I think Jessica Sorensen handled these topics better, mental illnesses. I just felt more for her characters. I wanted to get to the teary end of this book, and have a good cry. But I was so Blah about this book I took it back.

Not to mention I just really want to understand what a CW Black person is versus a Black Black person. I'm just saying.

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