Saturday, March 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I wish I'd talked about more

Really Loved But Haven't Talked about Enough

a friend introduced me to this book. It took me a while to get into it, but the slow builds are my favorite kind. They seem to stick with me longer and more thoroughly. 

Caught me completely by surprise. I love the strong female leads in this book. I feel like it was also about acceptance as no one really lived the "average" life here. 

I'm not into graphic novels, and I have no idea why. This was my second by Craig Thomoson and was it was a beautiful heart warming moving story. 

I loved the simplicity and yet complications of this story. The characters, the secrets, the solutions. 

This story was a surprise. Completely different than her previous books. There's an undertone of reality that is far too real for fiction. 

Fantasy + Adult romance= perfection 
that cover isn't my favorite though

this series was journey, through worlds and lives and across time and all came to be an epic revolution.  

I have no clue why this ya dystopia stood out among the rest to me. the honesty of the characters, the desperation from the communities of people, and the fight for the survival of mankind. And a love so pure it made enemies friends enough to work together to save themselves

this mystery you're solving without even realizing it, this love your growing towards before realizing you shouldn't

So beautifully written without going overboard, an unexpected love, and a sister just trying to save her best friend, her sister. 

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